Food Security

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School Food Pantries

Families of Abiquiu Elementary and the Jemez Mountain School District have access to in-school Grab-n-Go food pantries as a result of our collaboration with school staff. We outfitted the pantries with shelving and equipment and keep them stocked throughout the year, and supply both pantries with healthy and nutritious food. By locating pantries inside or near schools, students and their families have easier access to food assistance and feel more comfortable in accessing this assistance. 

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Clean Water in School

Because of our food security commitment, students and staff of Abiquiu Elementary have clean drinking water in school. Luciente purchases five gallon jugs to ensure the school community has access to safe water. Our brains depend on proper hydration to function optimally. In fact, all the cells in the body depend on this water to carry out essential functions. Healthy hydration improves attention, cognition and allows organs and body systems to perform at their best.

Abiquiu Farmers Market

Luciente’s Farmers Market occurs every Tuesday from 4-6 pm, starting the first Tuesday in June through early fall. The market is held on the Tres Semillas property adjacent to the Abiquiu Post Office, across from Bodes. This program supports our local farmers by providing an outlet to sell their produce and supports a healthy, real, farm-to table food source for our community. Stop by, browse and purchase fresh produce and other local products. It’s a great chance to embrace your community and enjoy time with neighbors! 

Interested in becoming a vendor?

Contact Andrew Furse:

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Luciente Emergency Response Program COVI

Emergency Response Project

From March through July 2020, Luciente delivered weekly bags of food staples to 252 families in need in Abiquiu, Canones, Youngsville, Coyote and Gallina during the COVID-19 crisis. Our school food pantries continued to support families during remote learning. School staff made sure this critical access to food continued.

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Holiday Meals

In 2020, Luciente provided approximately 250 holiday meals over Thanksgiving and Christmas. Family meals are important traditions during the holidays. The act of eating food around the table can unite people, strengthen bonds and help maintain a common identity and culture. Meal sharing engages all of our senses – sight, touch, taste, smell and most of all, hearing stories, laughter and words of gratitude and wisdom.  


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Prosperity Kids opens Child Savings Accounts (CSAs) for three- to five-year-old children in the Abiquiu Head Start program and is a collaboration between Luciente, Prosperity Works, YDI/Head Start and Guadalupe Credit Union.

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Fiscally Sponsored

Rio Arriba Concerned Citizens

A Luciente fiscally sponsored program, RACC is a grassroots organization that defends against oil and gas development in the Rio Chama Watershed, NM while educating and advocating for sustainable, safe energy in our region.

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