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We Invest in the Lives of Our Community

Luciente is Abiquiu’s local and on-the-ground nonprofit organization that invests in the lives of youth in our community. Through partnerships and the work of our dedicated volunteers, we serve the northern part of Rio Arriba County to help build a connected and thriving community. We know that healthy kids are the fabric of a strong region –– emotionally, physically, economically and culturally.


We see the humanity in each other and believe when something affects one, it impacts all. We partner with local school representatives, the governor’s office and other nonprofits to address food insecurity, an oppressive obstacle that inhibits a strong and prosperous community. Our purpose is to help create opportunities and direct resources, so all youth are able to flourish and show their brilliance. Through our programs, we help create food security and tackle relevant educational barriers to meet the needs of our community. At Luciente, we care.

"Widen the path of opportunities and continue to leave a powerful and positive legacy in this world."

Luis Fonsi, Singer/songwriter

Luciente Abiquiu Farmers Market


Luciente organizes, partners with and sponsors programs that support our mission. Working to eradicate hunger is at the core of our nonprofit, so we not only focus on the immediate need for food, but also the root causes in our community –– poverty, unemployment/under-employment and inconsistent access to enough healthy food. For example, we know that food insecurity rates are higher among those with less education. So, we are involved in a number of programs to support our youth in their educational journey.

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