Abiquiu Prosperity Kids!

…a collaboration between Luciente, Inc, Prosperity Works,
YDI/Head Start and Guadalupe Credit Union

Prosperity Kids combines matched Child Savings Accounts  with personal, social and financial support for the entire family. Parental education, incentives and a multi-year commitment makes the Prosperity Kids program unique among other CSAs. 

Evidence shows that having even a small amount of money set aside for college improves educational outcomes in both the short term and long term. We’ve seen elementary reading and math scores rise along with high school and college graduation rates. 


In Abiquiu, savings accounts for Head Start children, who are ages 3-5 years old, are seeded with an initial $100. Parents can deposit as much as they are able, and deposits are matched 1:1 up to $100 per year for at least 5 years, and up to age 18 contingent on funding. The accounts are “custodial” accounts in the child’s name. The funds can only be used for college or vocational education or training costs  (paid directly to the educational organization), or for a stable “transition into adulthood” after age 23. 


Emergency savings accounts are opened for each parent, seeded with $50 plus up to two $25 (per year) “incentive deposits,” which are activities designated by the Abiquiu Head Start program that support healthy outcomes for the kids. 

Do CSAs really work? Research confirms YES!

  • Kids with CSAs are 
    four to six times more likely to attend college

  • Kids with CSAs are 
    three and a half times more likely to earn a college degree

  • Moms of children with CSAs are 
    50% less likely to experience depression

  • Kids with CSAs are 
    substantially ahead of their peers in social and emotional development  by preschool

  • Kids with CSAs are 
    substantially ahead in language and math in 3rd grade

  • Kids and families 
    take on a “future orientation and a college going identity.”
    They expect success.

  • These benefits occur with 
    both small and larger amounts of funds in the CSA

  • CSAs are real, tangible hope for the future

Luciente, Inc. is based in Abiquiu, New Mexico, and is the local agent for the Abiquiu Prosperity Kids project. Luciente provides Head Start in Abiquiu with information, encouragement, and support to families.  

Luciente is also responsible for community outreach and fundraising for Abiquiu Prosperity Kids.


Prosperity Kids is an initiative of Prosperity Works, a non-profit based in Albuquerque. Luciente is collaborating with Prosperity Works to bring this life-changing initiative to Abiquiu.   

Your donation will help kids get ahead on their path to college, learning a trade, launching a career, and successfully entering into adulthood! 

Luciente is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity, IRS EIN 74-2813749

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