Community Food Initiative

During the 2017 growing/harvesting season, Luciente bought fresh produce from Abiquiu area farms and provided it to the food pantry in Abiquiu, which assembles and distributes ~130 boxes of food monthly for area residents in need. The Food Depot in Santa Fe is the main supplier of food for the pantry; they bring a truck full of groceries to the pantry in Abiquiu once per month.


During 2017, Luciente contributed fresh produce from Abiquiu area farms including Red Mountain Farm, Malandro Farm, Las Parras, and Manzanar Los Silvestres orchard.


Unfortunately, due to a lack of funding, this program had to be discontinued.

The Abiquiu Food Pantry is separate from this program and continues to operate. For those interested in receiving food from the Food Pantry, Las Clinicas del Norte in Abiquiu has applications in English and in Spanish. You may contact them by phone or stop in at the clinic to pick up an application.

Las Clinicas del Norte
Phone: 505-685-4479
Toll free: 866-578-1662
Address: Highway 84 Bldg #21124, Abiquiu, NM 87510

Luciente partnered on a proposal to study food insecurity and hunger


In 2017, Luciente partnered with a dozen or so local groups on a proposal that was submitted to the USDA's 

Community Community Food Projects (CFP) Competitive Grants Program. The proposal was for a Planning Grant to study food deserts, food insecurity, and hunger in our region. 

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